kerri parker at 728 alleyBeginnings:
Kerri Parker began her entrepreneurial career at the age of five when she first made change for a customer at her parent's rural New Jersey greenhouse. Even more important than a love for commerce, it was there that Kerri first developed her naturalistic aesthetic still seen in all of her work to this day. Vines and flowers, petals and leaves  - all found in her sloping and graceful designs from printmaking to sculpting and jewelry design.

Kerri studied fashion and art, ultimately graduating with a BFA in printmaking and drawing from Washington University in St. Louis.  During those years she found the detailed metal work involved in etching appealed to her and this naturally evolved in to an interest in jewelry design.

West coast beginnings:
Continuing her journey west, Los Angeles ultimately became Kerri's new home. First working for an overseas manufacturer as a jewelry designer for companies such as H&M and Forever 21.  She soon realized her designs were in high demand and decided to part ways with the company to pursue her own venture. She launched her own line of fine jewelry that debuted in January 2005.

Kerri on design:
Building on her interest in the natural esthetic, Kerri is often inspired by the materials she is working with such as gold, silver as well as brilliantly colored gemstones.  "Sometimes designing a piece begins by working directly on my bench with my materials at hand, testing their limitations until something emerges."  Her frequent personal contact with clients provides invaluable feedback helping to make her jewelry not only modern and striking, but exceedingly wearable.

As seen in or on:
Kerri Parker's work has been featured in Lucky, People Stylewatch and InStyle Magazine as well as on the runways at LA Fashion week and the Zimmer Children’s Museum. Celebrity fans include Audrina Patridge, Lucy Liu, Rosario Dawson, Beyonce Knowles, Natalie Cole, Natasha Henstridge, Drew Barrymore, Carla Gugino and Michelle Trachtenberg among others.  

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